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Owners of units within strata schemes should be aware that is it generally their responsibility to ensure that smoke alarms are installed in units and that these are in good working order. Batteries in smoke alarms are recommended to be changed annually, or even on a 6 monthly basis – the suggested time to do this is when clocks are changed for daylight savings. Smoke alarm units will normally have a date and should be replaced every 10 years.

Depending on the date of construction, some buildings may have hardwired smoke alarms within the individual lots, and also on common property. These are connected to the main fire panel for the building or unit and are usually the responsibility of the Owners Corporation to maintain.

It is also recommended that Owners have fire safety equipment such as a fire blanket and or fire extinguisher within their home that can be easily accessed in case of emergencies. This equipment should also be assessed and replaced as required.

Residents should be aware of the evacuation plan for the building and know what to do in case of an emergency.

Fire doors, fire stairs and emergency exit doors should remain unobstructed at all times.

For further general information on this matter please contact Alliance Strata Group on 6555 7510.


The general rule for parking is that owners or occupiers can only park vehicles within the parking space or garage allocated to their lot. There are to be no vehicles parked on common property areas including driveways, lawns etc. Designated Visitor Parking Spaces are for the vehicles of visitors only – they are not for residents cars, motorbikes, caravans, boats etc.

The standard by-law for the parking of vehicles is as follows:
An owner or occupier of a lot must not park or stand any motor or other vehicle on common property except with prior written approval of the owner’s corporation.

Fair Trading ‘Strata Living’ information advises:
Owners and residents cannot park on the common property without the permission of the owners corporation. Visitors can park in designated visitors parking spaces. So, if an owner invites a group of friends over for a barbeque, for example, they can’t park wherever they choose – such as on the lawn at the front of the building. If there are not enough visitors car spaces available, they have to park in the street.

It is important to remember that an owner cannot give permission for people to use common property for parking, as this is a matter for the owners corporation.

For further general information on this matter please contact Alliance Strata Group on 6555 7510.

Pest Control & Termite inspections

Owner have the opportunity to include a motion for pest control and/or termite inspections on their AGM agenda.
If it is determined to have a treatment or inspection undertaken, this will generally be of the common property areas only.
Common Property areas include:

  • roof voids
  • sub floors
  • foyers & hallways
  • exterior common property areas:
  • fences
  • gardens
  • driveways
  • grounds (BBQ areas, pool areas etc)

If owners wish to have the interiors of their units treated for cockroaches, a reduced cost interior treatment is offered to owners if they choose to have this undertaken at their cost on the scheduled common property treatment date.

Once a date has been set for the common property treatment or inspection, Alliance Strata Group will write to all members of the Owners Corporation and letting agents (if we have been advised of letting agents) to advise of the times/dates, and if access to each unit is required.

If access to the roof cavity areas is via units, Owners/letting agents are required to ensure someone will be in residence on the date, or that keys are made available for the technician to gain access to roof void areas to complete the treatment.

A Notice of Intended Pesticide Application is either delivered to the property one week prior to treatment, or forwarded to owners and agents for distribution to occupants.

For further information or to check if your property has pest control scheduled for the upcoming year, please contact your strata manager.


One of the most frequently asked questions to Strata Managers, especially by prospective purchasers or selling agents, are pets allowed?

Owners Corporations are no longer allowed to ban pets.
Owners wishing to keep an animal should first check the registered by-laws for their property. In most cases, owners must apply in writing – providing information of the age, breed, registration details etc.

The owners corporation must follow certain guidelines when determining pet approvals. They must only reject a pet if the pet causes an unreasonable interference. (EG. Restricted breeds, or animals that have been declared as dangerous or menacing.)


Renovation of units within strata schemes is a little more complex than renovating a private home. There are many different aspects to consider when renovating a strata unit such as:

  • Owners Corporation approval is necessary for the majority of internal renovations, including kitchens, air conditioning, flooring changes etc. Approval will be required at a general meeting.
  • Bathroom renovations involving waterproofing require a by-law to be approved and registered. The cost for this falls to the lot owner.
  • Owners need to make sure that their contractors keep the common property areas clean and to remove all trade waste.
  • It is preferred that no renovations are undertaken during the school holiday periods.
  • The registered by-laws for the strata scheme need to be consulted before renovations are planned, there can be by-laws in place regarding renovations.

For further general information on this matter please contact Alliance Strata Group on 6555 7510